Subject: wscons, again
To: None <>
From: None <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 05/18/2002 00:11:51
about the bug on 80x50 and 80x40 terminals ... i more or less fixed it.
but there's something strange, without even modifying the code.
If you want to fastly fix the bug (the terminal is not redrawn after switching back from X), when the system finished adding all the terminals, choose a 80x50 or a 80x40 terminal who normally has the bug, switch to it, and go back to the first terminal. 
Then you can be sure that this terminal won't bug anymore.
So a quick fix is to add a wsdisplay_switch ((struct device *)sc, *(int *)data, 1); in wsdisplay.c when handling the WSDISPLAYIO_ADDSCREEN ioctl, after adding the terminals and testing the return value from wsdisplay_addscreen ;-)

i am really interested in wscons code, and moreover i would be happy to know why wsdisplay_switch () corrects the bug.

just to know ...

thx for your attention

(i wrote this under a 80x50 console ;)


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