Subject: wdogctl problem
To: None <>
From: Alexander Funcke <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 05/14/2002 08:04:06

I'm trying to implementing National SCx200's watchdog using 
Jason R Thorpe's framework, but I can't get the devicename 
to show up in the wdogctl user-land tool.

I do (in my device-driver):
	sc->smw.smw_name = "scx200";
	sc->smw.smw_cookie = sc;
	sc->smw.smw_setmode = scx200_wdog_setmode;
	sc->smw.smw_tickle = scx200_wdog_tickle;
	sc->smw.smw_period = sc->scx200_wdog_period = 10;
	if (sysmon_wdog_register(&sc->smw) != 0)
		printf("%s: unable to register SCx200 watchdog "
		       "with sysmon\n", sc->sc_dev->dv_xname);

running wdogctl, I get:

# wdogctl
Available watchdog timers:
        , 10 second period

Do I need to do something more then just register?