Subject: Re: CFR: The Auto-Generation Block/Character Device Switch Tables
To: None <>
From: MAEKAWA Masahide <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 05/13/2002 09:20:29
Julio Merino <> wrote:
>> Since you're doing this work, is it possible to construct the
>> etc.platform/MAKEDEV files from the conf.c files ?  That's one more
>> thing which requires a manual update when adding/removing a driver
>> from a port.  Having the drivers create the files in /dev, themselves
>> or via some auto-magic function, would be the best but there's a
>> large amount of resistence to that, problems with various solutions
>> notwithstanding.
>I haven't read the first message, though as I deduce from here, somebody
>is planning something like a dev filesystem. I like the idea (have seen
>the one on freebsd 5.0 and it is nice). If you are talking about this,
>why many people doesn't want it? It would be made optional...

The mechanism to construct /dev device nodes dynamically is attractive.

IMHO, FreeBSD's one is not good because it depends on many hard-coded
majors/permissions. If I implement it, it runs as a daemon on userland
and it is optional and we can run it in run-time. To run it in run-time,
I must implement a mechanism to get majors <-> device in-kernel
relationship from userland. (by using devprop?) It is not trivial.

Anyway, out current NetBSD lacks some core mechanisms, I think.

But to construct MAKEDEV from majors list, as Darren points out, is
easier than it. It is not trivial, too.

O.K. I will consider about this.


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