Subject: Re: "ofpci" and "ofppb" in NetBSD/sparc64
To: None <>
From: Lennart Augustsson <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 05/11/2002 13:58:58
Bill Sommerfeld wrote:

> While I haven't done a full analysis of what is required, ACPI, like
> OF, provides some, umm, "guidance" to PCI bus topology.
> The set of hooks needed in MI PCI code for ACPI-driven PCI probing is
> very likely to be similar to the hooks needed for OF-driven PCI
> probing.

Actually, I don't think ACPI needs any extra hooks.  In the ACPI driver
you can just set up everything so that the usual PCI driver can proceed
normally.  But you could probably simplify the ACPI part if there were
some hooks into the MI code; it could also avoid code duplication between
ACPI, OF, etc.

    -- Lennart