Subject: Pseudodevice or /kern pseudofile? (was: Re: Getting file descriptor in driver ioctl method)
To: Aaro J Koskinen <>
From: Emmanuel Dreyfus <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 05/07/2002 22:03:29
> > Is there a possibility to duplicate the struct vnode on open if I use a
> > file on kernfs?=20
> You can implemented the file so that each opening of the file name
> opens a different "file" i.e. you can distinguish different openings
> from each other and store instance specific data to the vnode (think a
> normal file system, where an open file is removed from the name space,
> and then a new file is created with the same name, and that file is
> opened - they will not have the same vnode).

This sounds okay. Now the question is do we want this /dev/usema thing
to be a device driver (this means I have to contribute a gross hack to
get things working now, then to wait fro devvp merge to make things
nicer), or in the /kern filesystem (this meanss COMPAT_IRIX will require
the /kern filesystem).

Any opinion?

Emmanuel Dreyfus. =20
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