Subject: "ofpci" and "ofppb" in NetBSD/sparc64
To: None <>
From: Jason R Thorpe <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 05/06/2002 17:15:33
Today, "ofpci" and "ofppb" were added to the sparc64 port.  There was
no discussion about this on any technical list.

The MI PCI framework in NetBSD is intended to render machine-dependent
kludges like "ofpci" and "ofppb" unnecessary.  If there is a deficiency
in the MI PCI code, then that deficiency should be discussed and addressed,
rather than adding new machine-dependent code in this way.  Hashing these
issues out in the MI code benefits all ports (consider the interactions that
the PCI code will need to have with e.g. ACPI).

As such, "ofpci" and "ofppb" must be backed out.  Please do this by
Wednesday, 1700 PDT (at which point I will back it out myself if you
have not already done so).


        -- Jason R. Thorpe <>