Subject: Re: mkdir with trailing / (patch proposed)
To: NetBSD Userlevel Technical Discussion List <>
From: Rick Kelly <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 04/28/2002 17:03:41
Greg A. Woods said:

>UTSL!  I.e. read Lions or any one of the freely available Unix releases
>-- and be assured the code is nearly identical in function even in the
>most modern commercial Unix.  There's nothing "ancient" about this
>feature except its heritage, which speaks only to its importance and
>longevity.  In Unix one or more slashes at any point in a directory
>pathname, including at the end, are and have always been, treated as a
>single separator.

I'm scratching my head over this.

On 1.5.3RC1 and a recent -current I can:

mkdir -p //foo//bar//

without a problem and create /foo/bar.

Was the failure mode something different?
Rick Kelly