Subject: Re: fork1 and new stack
To: None <,>
From: None <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 04/25/2002 20:30:15
| I'm trying to get IRIX sproc() emulation going on. sproc() spawns a new
| lightweight process. I plan to emulate this with a call to fork1() with
| On IRIX, the child has a stack at offset 0x0400000 from the parent
| stack. If try to call fork1() with stack (SP - 0x0400000) and stacksize
| (vm_maxssize - vm_minssize), the child just does a SIGSEGV on a stack
| access.
| Any idea why?=20

Uh, did you by any chance forget to allocate VM in that range?

| More input: sproc() takes an entry argument with the address of the
| function where the child should start. I emulated this by setting the
| child's PC saved on trapframe to entry. But I doublt that this can cause
| the problem.

That's icky.  And highly machine dependent.  OTOH, this is IRIX....

You might look into using setregs() which is what execve() does.