Subject: adding INCLUDE_CONFIG_FILE option
To: None <>
From: Andrew Brown <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 04/17/2002 11:35:03
in order that more people find out about it and (possibly) use it
(since i think it's really useful), i was going to add

#options 	INCLUDE_CONFIG_FILE	# embed config file in kernel binary

to all the kernel config files on all the ports.  in addition, for
config files that are GENERIC (ie, the name is GENERIC, or GENERIC32,
or GENERICSBC, or GENERIC3X, etc) or ALPHA (the more generic alpha
config file) or ALL (from the x68k port), it would not be commented

since there are a large number of config files (197, to be exact,
since i left out the ones that simply include another config file), i
did this mechanically, and opted to place the option after the
occurrence of include "arch/foo/conf/" that occurs near the top
of each config file.

this change will make the resulting GENERIC (et al) kernel binaries
somewhat larger, but i feel that the benefit here outweighs the cost.

does anyone have any opinions to the contrary?

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