Subject: where to init CL-PD6722 PCMCIA ctlr reg to enable ATA disk activity LED?
To: None <>
From: Tad Hunt <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 04/04/2002 12:02:05
We're running a CL-PD6722 (i82365 compat) PCMCIA controller in our
hardware.  We have a disk activity LED that the controller can
drive.  Our bootloader PCMCIA ATA controller currently configures
the PD6722 to drive this led, and it works correctly.

My question is where is the appropriate place in the NetBSD PCMCIA
framework to add the PD6722 register config for enabling the PD6722
to drive the LED?  I thought about changing wdc_pcmcia.c, but that
didn't seem like a the right place for this.

Should I replace the "pcic_chip_socket_enable" (and disable) function
pointer in the "sc->pct", with a pointer to my own function which
calls pcic_chip_socket_enable, and then figures out if it is an
ata disk?

Would I even know it was an ATA disk after pcic_chip_socket_enable()

Is there some better place else to do it?