Subject: Re: ATA/ATAPI kernel redesign
To: None <>
From: Peter Hufnagel <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 02/27/2002 21:23:14
> My intention is/was to not maintain the pre-ata support.
> Yeah, yeah. I know that it's going to need to be worked
> on sometimes as the environment surrounding it changes,
> but the hardware that the code supports is EOL.

Ahem... just to play devils advocate on this statement,
isn't my Sun3/260, the MacSe/30's, and the DecStations,
by this definition, *beyond* "EOL" at this point?  One of
the reason's that I like NetBSD in the first place is that
it can "breathe new life" into my old hardware that the
vendor no longer supports.  

I agree, PC hardware is so cheap these days, and that I
myself have tried to find good homes for a lot of my older
PC hardware... and have not always succeeded (and watched
it go to "computer recycling" as a result).  But I have
also picked some Mac Quadra's and HP400 workstations off
that pile of equipment going for "recycling"...  and it
runs NetBSD fine.

One mans garbage is another mans gold.