Subject: Re: i386 installation problems
To: Roine Thunberg <>
From: Reinoud Zandijk <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 02/24/2002 23:03:32
On Sun, Feb 24, 2002 at 10:40:49PM +0100, Roine Thunberg wrote:
> On Sun, 24 Feb 2002, Reinoud Zandijk wrote:
> Tried altering color depth? 16bit, 24bit, 32bit?

Yep... tried it in all colour depts ... suprisingly without any effect ... 
it could be that i used the wrong way to set depth though .. i used `startx 
-- -bpp 16' f.e. and also tried `startx -- --bbp 16' but to no effect.

> I haven't tried it yet (but I have a Nvidia Gefore 2 MX400) and I will
> remember some kind of problem like yours.

Please do try ... we're completely lost here ...