Subject: RE: DRI for NetBSD
To: Martin Husemann" , "Tech-Kern <>
From: Daniel <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 02/21/2002 08:48:39

DRI stands for Direct Rendering Interface.
It allows 3d hardware acceleration.
The reason I'm asking, is that I'm writing an OpenGL app, and without 
hardware acceleration, all rendering must be done in software (very slow).
Now, Xfree86 version >4 support DRI if the kernel supports it. From what
I've gathered so far, FreeBSD mostly supports it, and Linux supports it,
but NetBSD doesn't yet. So your nice, expensive 3d card isn't being used!

One solution I've found is to use XF86 v3.x and the mesa-glx package, but
this only supports a very limited number of accelerator cards (ones which
I don't have:( ).

I was just wondering if anyone had made any progress on porting the DRI
kernel stuff to NetBSD?


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> I saw a while ago that some people were planning to work on DRI
> for NetBSD. Has anyone made any progress in this field?

For the clueless (like me) - please give a hint: what is DRI?