Subject: allocating device majors
To: None <>
From: Alfred Perlstein <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 02/11/2002 11:31:43
A couple of questions about device drivers and device driver modules:

What's the best way to allocate a cdev major number for a propiatary

I was looking at the mac68k floppy module and it hadcodes '43' as
the cdev.  Is there a namespace/range to use that hopefully won't
conflict with future netbsd device major assignments?

Is there a definitive list of what's allocated for what?

Lastly, my device is really just a rendevous point for issuing
ioctls into the kernel, is there standard functions for
sticking in the cdev for open/close that return 0 (success) and
for read/write that return ENODEV?

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