Subject: problem with mbufs
To: None <>
From: Matthias Winter <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 02/06/2002 15:13:49

i have a i386 computer, working as network router / webserver. everything
works fine since i changed nmbclusters from 256 -> 2048 (before that i
always got disconnects when there was a lot of traffic). But if the traffic
gets really bad i still become disconnected by my ISP.
The error says something like: write: sendto: no buffer sdpace available
After reading through the articles oon I came to the opinion that
the reason for this can be found at the kern.mbuf.msize
sysctl kern.mbuf.msize is 256 at the moment.. but how can i change this?
sysctl -w kern.mbuf.msize=512 ---> operation not permitted (does not work on
all architectures?)
I tried changing it in /usr/include/i386/param.h to 512, which does not have
any effect on the real msize.
Can anyone tell me how to change this kernel option without compiling a new
kernel? i have some probs with my hardware which make sbuilding a new kernel
impossible for me at the moment!

any help would be great!

thanks a lot

Matthias Winter

p.s. if you need any further info feel free to mail me ;)