Subject: Re: wsdisplay_accessops initialization
To: Julio Merino <>
From: Bill Studenmund <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 01/29/2002 15:17:42
On Tue, 29 Jan 2002, Julio Merino wrote:

> Hi all
> as I posted in another message I'm trying to port OpenBSD's mouse
> console support to NetBSD, but I've found a little problem.
> In the structure wsdisplay_accessops, file wsdisplayvar.h, I've
> added the following:
>         void    (*putchar) (void *c, int row, int col,
>                             u_int uc, long attr);
>         u_int16_t (*getchar) (void *, int, int);
> as in OpenBSD.
> But I've been looking where this pointer and others in this
> structure are initialized. I haven't been able to find any
> assignment or something to those vars... I guess I need to make
> this getchar pointer to point another funcion, but I need to
> know where to do it...
> Any help?

The advice I give everyone working on a project with more than like 5

cd /usr/pkgsrc/devel/id-utils
make install
cd /sys		# well top of source tree in question
lid <identifier in question>
	and you'll get a list of files containing <identifier in question>

eid will even set up a vi (or $EDITOR) session with all of those files for

Take care,