Subject: Re: detachable device: stuck in biowait
To: None <>
From: M. Warner Losh <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 01/28/2002 20:28:53
In message: <>
            gabriel rosenkoetter <> writes:
: On Mon, Jan 28, 2002 at 11:41:15PM +0100, Jaromir Dolecek wrote:
: > Yes, I think this might be appropriate. Does it? How does the flash
: > device know it's going to be detached?
: USB and PCMCIA provide this kind notification, do they not?
: I know nothing of flash media standards, but one might hope for a
: little sanity...

Actually, with pcmcia, you know AFTER the device has been ejected.
Once you get the notification, the device is gone and isn't coming
back anytime soon (unless the user immediately reinserts the card).
By the time you get the notification, it is too late to flush buffers,