Subject: re: clarification between machine_arch and machine
To: Christos Zoulas <>
From: matthew green <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 01/28/2002 03:35:53
   ARCHSUBDIR= ${MACHINE_ARCH:C/mipse[bl]/mips/:C/sh3e[bl]/sh3/:S/arm26/arm/:S/arm3
   .if ${MACHINE} != ${ARCHSUBDIR}
   .if exists(${ARCHSUBDIR})
   .if ${MACHINE} == sparc
   SUBDIR+= sparc64
   .if (${MACHINE} == hpcmips || ${MACHINE} == hpcsh)
   SUBDIR+= hpc
   .if (${MACHINE} == sun2)
   SUBDIR+= sun68k
   I suggest that we add MACHINE_KARCH to indicate the kernel architecture this
   machine is using. If I change $MACHINE on the sparc to display sun4{,c,m,d}
   then I'll need more if statements there.

i don't see how you can possibly cleanup the above.  :-)  it doesn't
seem to have much to do with uname but just how sys/arch is.

a MACHINE_KARCH sounds fine to me....or something...just don't make
anything in our system default to using it.  defaults should be
valid for any $MACHINE using $MACHINE_ARCH