Subject: Re: PowerPC 601 versus the others
To: Lloyd Parkes <>
From: Klaus Klein <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 01/15/2002 09:53:00
Lloyd Parkes <> writes:

> I have been reading through the MPC601 manual and some PowerPC manuals,
> and I can't see much standing in the way of NetBSD on the 601. The only
> changes that I spotted were in some bit definitions in the MMU.
> Am I missing something, or is that the only thing preventing NetBSD from
> being ported to 601 based machines.

Well, the RTC is special, and the much smaller BATs mappings are
somewhat "unusual" for an mpc6xx NetBSD port, but nothing that can't
be worked around.

- Klaus, looking for spare time to toy with his IBM 40P acquisitions.