Subject: Re: /dev/[r]sd[5,6]* devices by default ?
To: David Laight <>
From: Brian A. Seklecki <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 01/09/2002 13:24:14
> > things manually anyways (disklabel, newfs), running MAKEDEV is probably
> > not too time consuming.

Yea but it throws people way off to see it in dmesg than not have a dev
entry.  I mean, it's simply not documented in the FAQ, etc.

...getting back to the original point ( sorry >:} ), traditionally on most
_supported_ sparc/sparc64 SCSI interfaces (esp, isp?) without getting into
multiple LUNs, etc., are limited to 7 IDs/targets on the bus, 7 being
static/taken by the controller/adapter (not changeable that I know) --
therefore it would make sence to have at least 7 default devices for
addressable devices (0-6). for rethinking all of /dev, I agree.  But what about static ID >
Device entries in the kernel such as standard RAIDFRAME configs?

sd0     at scsibus0 target 0 lun ?
# SCSI disk drives
sd1     at scsibus0 target 1 lun ?
# SCSI disk drives
sd2     at scsibus0 target 2 lun ?
# SCSI disk drives
sd3     at scsibus0 target 3 lun ?
# SCSI disk drives
sd4     at scsibus0 target 4 lun ?
# SCSI disk drives
sd5     at scsibus0 target 5 lun ?
# SCSI disk drives
sd6     at scsibus0 target 6 lun ?
# SCSI disk drives