Subject: Re: /dev/[r]sd[5,6]* devices by default ?
To: , <>
From: David Laight <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 01/09/2002 09:55:10
> there any reason these char/raw devices don't exist by default?

Probably to avoid serious clutter in /dev - and problems with open()
taking a long time because of the serial search of the directory.

> I had to `sh ./MAKEDEV sd5`, as MAKEDEV all didn't work.  I have a series of
> external disk packs I'm using.  I only have the 6 disks right now, but if
> I throw and another sbus scsi controller (isp?), I may have more.
> ...can we either add a comment to the FAQ or setup more devices by
> default?

I'd suggest either:

1) writing a startup script that detects which disks (etc) are present
   and then making the correct /dev entries

2) make /dev an overlay of a kernel generated dircetory structure under
   a file system one.  The device drivers would make calls to populate
   the lower layer with nodes that match the current configuration.