Subject: Re: LP64 build problem
To: Emmanuel Dreyfus <>
From: Jason R Thorpe <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 01/08/2002 15:35:09
On Wed, Jan 09, 2002 at 12:11:02AM +0100, Emmanuel Dreyfus wrote:

 > I'm trying to build a LP64 mips kernel. There are few issues, including
 > a warning when buidling sys/kern/exec_elf64.c
 > Each occurence of ELFDEFNNAME(NO_ADDR) causes a warning: large integer
 > implicitely truncated to unsigned type.
 > ELFDEFNNAME(NO_ADDR) is defined as ELF64_NO_ADDR 
 > ELF64_NO_ADDR is defined as (~(Elf64_Addr)0) 
 > And this turns into (uint64_t)-1

The NetBSD/mips sources are in no position to be built as LP64.

To be honest, I'm slightly annoyed at how you've approached the whole
N32/IRIX compat thing.  You seem to be looking for quick fixes.

How about instead you gather up information on all the changes that need
to happen to the MIPS code first, and start making the incremental changes
necessary, rather than blindly trying to build an LP64 kernel, when we don't
even have the toolchain support for it in the tree yet.

        -- Jason R. Thorpe <>