Subject: Pseudo device
To: '' <>
From: Ljubisa Milenkovic <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 12/19/2001 12:10:53

I have several user-land processes that communicate with different kernel
modules. To simplify this communication I would like to have a common
communication dispatcher in kernel. 
I have defined a character pseudo-device that supports open, close, read,
write, ioctl and poll. 
My problem is how to identify different user-land processes in my read in
write functions to dispatch data to corresponding kernel module and
vice-versa, how to know to which user-land process to send data when a
kernel module has issued a send request.

In user-land I have the file descriptor, but in kernel read (or write)
function I have uio struct. Where is the mapping made? I would also like to
have asynchronous call to read and write. Is that possible with my
definition of the device?

Regards, Ljuba

Ljubisa Milenkovic