Subject: Re: Wine & NetBSD?
To: Todd Vierling , Bang Jun-Young <>
From: John Nemeth <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 12/05/2001 05:39:25
On Mar 8,  1:57am, Todd Vierling wrote:
} Changing the NetBSD kernel just to make one program's bogus expectations
} work is not the solution.  Wine will still have bogus expectations.
} However, please feel free to fix Wine's broken mmap handling.

     Along the same lines, I'm wondering why there was recently a
change to poll(?)/select(?) to ignore negative fds just to keep Wine
happy.  Considering that negative fds can't be valid on any unix-like
system, doesn't it deserve to go down in flames for doing something
that silly?  Why should we be ignoring such an obvious error condition
instead of returning an error code, just to keep one severely broken
application happy?  Note, I tried to look for the commit message, but
it seems that the mail list archive search engine is broken at the

}-- End of excerpt from Todd Vierling