Subject: Kernel Panic
To: None <>
From: Stephen Brown <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 12/04/2001 23:21:28

I am running NetBSD 1.5-release and have compiled a custom kernel for my
computer, based upon the custom kernel I had from 1.5.0 distribution.

Just recently my computer has suffered from seamingly random reboots.
Having plugged a monitor into it and digging around, I found that the
following message in /var/log/message:

savecore: reboot after panic: amap_wipeout: corrupt amap
savecore: no dump, not enough free space in /var/crash

There is not enough space, as the system has had a RAM upgrade since the
original install.

At the time of the crash, I was logged in via ssh running a perl script to
rip a cd I own into mp3 format using cdparanoia and lame.

In the background, I had kdm running for kde version 2.1, and the
appropriate X11R6 bits.  The machine was not logged in, so no other X apps
were being run.  Other than that, there was only standard system programs
and lpd.

The system has only been running -release for a few days.  I am intending
to boot off of the old kernel (which I saved) to see how that stands up,
but I will obviously do what I can to help track down the cause of this.

Any help or advice would be gratefully received, though please note that I
am not subscribed to this list.

Many thanks

Steve Brown