Subject: RE: Interrupt handling
To: 'Sudeep Kumar' <>
From: Aaditya Rai <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 11/16/2001 15:32:50
>I want to know how can i handle more than one interrupt. Suppose one
>interrupt has came and i am in ISR, and control is still executing ISR at
>that time if another interrupt is comming then how will i handle that
>Thaking you

If its a higher priority interrupt, your ISR will be interrpted and the
control will go the former. Else the other interrupt will hold till you're

If its the same priority interrupt from, say the same chip, then it depends
on the chips int delivering tech. E.g. The 
chip may want you to acknowlegde all pending interrupts in one go (e.g. lets
say its a fibre channel card and the chip interrupts you for every frame
rcvd, then, if in the ISR, you acknowledge as many frames as possible, the
chip may not generate additional interrupts).

Hope this helps.