Subject: Re: Initio SCSI driver
To: None <>
From: Izumi Tsutsui <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 11/15/2001 03:17:44
In article <> wrote:

> It seems the manufacturer made  a driver for the card available, under BSD
> copyright:
> Just in case someone wants to start at this  (It's for FreeBSD right
> now...)

It seems a driver for INIC-940/950, which is already supported
by iha(4) on NetBSD-current.

While our iha(4) (which is based on OpenBSD's driver, BTW)
already uses bus_space(9) and bus_dma(9) API properly,
the manufacturer's driver still uses vtophys() and out[bwl]()
funcitions and bus_dma(9) support seems incomplete...
(so it will not work on other than i386 and alpha ;-p)
Izumi Tsutsui