Subject: Re: 3.3V support in pcmcia pcic code
To: Andrew Brown <>
From: Warner Losh <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 11/07/2001 20:55:38
In message <> Andrew Brown writes:
: >> > Maybe I'm being blind, but I don't see any support for 3.3V cards in
: >> > the NetBSD pcmcia stack nor in the pcic driver.
: >> AFAIK, sadlly you are correct.
: >
: >What are the implications of all of this? Is this a serious problem
: >with the world moving to CardBus?
: where did you get that idea?  i've only got one cardbus card, a 10/100
: ethernet card, and i never use it.  all the other cards i've got are
: regular 16bit pcmcia.

CardBus cards are all 3.3V cards.  However, almost all cardbus bridges
do the right thing, and those that don't likely are programmed
correctly.  Since NetBSD goes exclusively through the ExCA interface
for 16-bit cards, and it doesn't have all the special case code
necessary for all the weirdo chipsets out there, it doesn't do 3.3V
cards unless the bridge is smart enough to do the right thing.

3.3V 16-bit cards are very rare.  I have about 100 pccards, and only
one of them is 3.3V.  Under FreeBSD, it works for some chipsets, but
not others. I've not looked into the problem there.  It doesn't work
on the NetBSD/hpcmips NEC MobileGear II MC/R430 (which is marketed in
the US as a MobilePro 780).

So there are really no implications for CardBus cards, since they are
handled in a different way.


P.S.  It has been a while since I looked at the pccard code in the
pccbb driver, so maybe I'm misremembering there....