Subject: Re: vnd, VOP_ and encrypted fs.
To: None <>
From: Christos Zoulas <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 11/02/2001 23:14:04
In article <>,
Jorgen Lundman <> wrote:
>Christos Zoulas wrote:
>> Does it work for /current?
>> christos
>Thought that was a good idea, created a 300meg vnd with blowfish, got
>syssrc from -current, untar'ed and built. Unfortunately mrg had been in
>there making some changes, so I merged them in too.
>However, so far I've modload'ed it in to test my code, thanks to some
>code mrg provided which he asked me not to pass on. So for the first
>time I am trying it in a proper built kernel.
>I find that the blowfish calls are undefined. (BF_set_key, BF_encrypt
>and BF_cbc_encrypt). I guess they are not included in the kernel by
>default so I need to "trigger" something to build those files, when vnd
>is built when VND_CIPHER is defined. Is that straight forward, or more
>like black magic? (to me)

Well, conf/files should be modified to bring the necessary files in
when VND_CIPHER is defined.

>I could just send it in and "assume" it works, but I like to check
>things thoroughly first :)

Yes, that is always a good idea.

>On another note, some of the smaller changes to vnd by mrg is changing
>bzero/bcopy to memset/memcpy, is this a general preference now, or
>induvidual? I reflected this change too - just curious.

mem* is the preferred interface now.