Subject: Re: vnd, VOP_ and encrypted fs.
To: None <>
From: Jorgen Lundman <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 10/29/2001 20:08:02
Thor Lancelot Simon wrote:
>> Using a mountroot hook, like raid does.
> --

To be honest, once I had worked out and finished vnd I was turning my
attention to ccd and raid next. Their strategy source is almost
identical so I could pretty much just cut and paste the encryption code
into them.  That way there is a "disk" layer system and a "file" system.
But perhaps people will now point out to me why this is a bad idea.

Nothing stopping you having a ccd or raid on just one disk, so we would
have the smallest common situation catered for, as well as incase you
want a whole large raided system encrypted too.

Just an idea anyway...


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