Subject: re: Newbie Q: Kernel Documentation
To: gabriel rosenkoetter <>
From: matthew green <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 10/24/2001 21:52:03
   There's not a whole lot of documentation specific to the NetBSD
   kernel. and

oh really?  i think you're out-of-date  :-)

powerofseven /usr/src/share/man/man9> ls *
Makefile                  inittodr.9                rasops.9
access.9                  intro.9                   ratecheck.9
altq.9                    ioasic.9                  resettodr.9
arp.9                     ioctl.9                   rnd.9
audio.9                   isa.9                     rt_timer.9
autoconf.9                isapnp.9                  scsipi.9
bcmp.9                    kprintf.9                 setrunqueue.9
bcopy.9                   kthread.9                 shutdownhook_establish.9
bitmask_snprintf.9        linedisc.9                sleep.9
bus_dma.9                 lock.9                    softintr.9
bus_space.9               log.9                     spl.9
bzero.9                   malloc.9                  store.9
callout.9                 mbuf.9                    tc.9
cardbus.9                 mca.9                     time.9
cnmagic.9                 memcmp.9                  todr.9
config.9                  memcpy.9                  ucom.9
cons.9                    memmove.9                 uiomove.9
copy.9                    memset.9                  usbdi.9
cpu_reboot.9              microtime.9               uvm.9
ctxsw.9                   namecache.9               vattr.9
disk.9                    namei.9                   vfs.9
disklabel.9               panic.9                   vfsops.9
dopowerhooks.9            pci.9                     vme.9
doshutdownhooks.9         pci_configure_bus.9       vnode.9
driver.9                  pci_intr.9                vnodeops.9
ethersubr.9               pcmcia.9                  vnsubr.9
evcnt.9                   pfil.9                    wdc.9
extent.9                  physio.9                  wscons.9
fetch.9                   pmap.9                    wsdisplay.9
fork1.9                   pool.9                    wsfont.9
hardclock.9               powerhook_establish.9     wskbd.9
humanize_number.9         ppsratecheck.9            wsmouse.9
hz.9                      properties.9
in4_cksum.9               psignal.9

Makefile            bios32_service.9    bioscall.9

Makefile  isr_add.9