Subject: pckbc_machdep_cnattach()
To: None <>
From: Simon Burge <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 10/20/2001 18:58:15
Near the end of sys/dev/ic/pckbc.c:pckbc_cnattach() we currently have:

        if (!res) {
#if (NPCKBD > 0)
                res = pckbd_cnattach(&pckbc_consdata, slot);
                 * XXX This should be replaced with the `notyet' case
                 * XXX when all of the old PC-style console drivers
                 * XXX have gone away.  When that happens, all of
                 * XXX the pckbc_machdep_cnattach() should be purged,
                 * XXX as well.
#ifdef notyet
                res = ENXIO;
                res = pckbc_machdep_cnattach(&pckbc_consdata, slot);
#endif /* NPCKBD > 0 */

I'd like to change this to

		res = pckbc_machdep_cnattach(&pckbc_consdata, slot);
		res = ENXIO;

and add __HAVE_PCKBC_MACHDEP_CNATTACH to <machine/types.h> for the port
or two that actually uses this gunk, and of course garbage collecting
it from all the other ports.  <machine/types.h> probably isn't the most
correct of places, but since the PC keyboard driver is used on things
like SGI's there doesn't seem to be a better MD header file to chose.

Any objections to this?

Simon Burge                            <>
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