Subject: Re: CVS commit: syssrc/sys/arch/arm/arm32
To: <>
From: Richard Earnshaw <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 10/18/2001 21:42:43
> In article <> you write:
> >> pmap_activate() should be able to notice a pmap_collect()ed pmap and undo
> >> the action as necessary, shouldn't it?
> >
> >Not necessarily, the pmap may even be the active pmap;  I've seen this 
> >happen (since a test I put into pmap_activate for a missing page 0 never 
> >triggered).
> On arm26 I have a flag in each pmap to indicate whether it's active (set by
> pmap_activate(), cleared by pmap_deactivate().  Could you not do this?

Yes, I'm sure that could be done.

Though there is still the question of whether you really want to 
pmap_collect a pmap that is part of a uvmspace share.  I guess really, uvm 
should be handling this case -- if it swaps one process out in this form, 
it really ought to swap the other out as well, since they are practically 
two threads in the same program.