Subject: question on device detachment
To: None <>
From: Ferry Sutanto <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 10/18/2001 01:37:53

I did a search on on "device
detachment", and I got lots of results. But, I got few

I looked into sys/dev/pcmcia codes and in that
directory, there are some detach function defines. I
want to know who called the detach function ? I assume
that the following call chain occurs:

1. pcmcia interrupt happen.
2. the interrupt handler will handle the interrupt and
signal the daemon process.
3. the daemon process will do ioctl on the device.
4. ioctl will do the detachment. I think to do the
detachment, it should start with config_detach ?? (and
from the device tree, it will finds its way to the
device specific detach function. 

Am I right with the above assumption ? 

Thanks for the help.


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