Subject: device insertion/removal
To: None <>
From: Ferry Sutanto <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 10/15/2001 19:28:44

Can anybody give me some tip regarding device
insertion/removal ? If the box boots up with the
device already inserted, it will attach correctly.
But, when i removed it, sometimes it works which means
that the device got detach (config_detach and
wddetach) and unmounted correctly and other times, it
doesn't work. When it doesn't work, I can see that
there is wdcintr pending and not until it is done
doing what it needs to do, it will block the wddetach

As for device insertion, what is the correct way to
attach the device ? I tried calling opendisk() to get
the file descriptor so I can call wdioctl(), but I got
an error saying the device is not configured. 

If anybody can offer some tips, I appreciate it.



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