Subject: Re: sys_sbrk()? sys_sstk()?
To: Anders Magnusson <>
From: glen mccready <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 10/15/2001 10:29:39
Anders wrote:
>> How, exactly, would we replace sbrk with mmap()?  By keeping a s3kr1t
>> global that's the highest address that has ever been returned and
>> mapping there with MAP_FIXED?  There are myriad other icky issues.
>Main question: Must the sbrk() call be still around? I doubt there are
>many programs still around today that use sbrk() directly; if they 
>do I should more think of considering them broken.
>The best thing to do would be to just remove sbrk() and rehack malloc() 
>to use mmap() instead. This would also solve the problem with giant
>page tables on e.g. vax :-)
>Would anyone complain much if sbrk() et al were removed?

seems silly to remove something that we know has been used in the past
and give ourselves yet another porting issue to deal with. sbrk() has
it's place...