Subject: wsmux changes
To: None <>
From: Lennart Augustsson <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 10/13/2001 00:44:32
I'm about to commit some (long overdue) changes to the wsmux code.

First change:
Ever since the wsmux device was added each wsdisplay has had
a wsmux to which all its associated keyboards attach.
The mux was anonymous, but with this change it can also be one
of the regular wsmuxes.  A good pick is wsmux1, which is where all
keyboards normally send their events.  The result of this
is that no wsconscfg command needs to be issued to connect the
non-console keyboards to the wsdisplay, i.e., they will work
even in single user mode.
To select which mux to use the wsdisplay device has a new
locator, kbdmux, which identifies it.  Using kbdmux=-1 will
give the old behaviour.

Second change:
Before keyboards and mice that were connected to a mux could not
be opened; they were regarded as busy.  With this change the opened
keyboard or mouse will be disconnected from the mux and the open will
succeed.  This means that it is harmless to have devices send
their events to a mux as the default setup.
Right now there is no userland program (but the ioctl()s exist)
to reconnect a device.

After testing these changes I also want to change the default
locator mux settings for for wskbd, wsmouse, and wsdisplay so
that muxes are used by default (rather than not as it is now).


 -- Lennart