Subject: Netbooting using a 3C509B-TPO ethernet adapter
To: None <>
From: Lucio De Re <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 10/03/2001 06:03:24
I think this is the right mailing list...

I get "3c509: eeprom failed to come ready." from "netboot".

Netboot itself I built by editing in the 3C509 interface in the
Makefile in /sys/arch/i386/stand/netboot.  I used


(Something small slips if I leave out the first step, I'll look
deeper into it and send-PR it later - also, the 32768 ROM size
limit is too small for netboot.rom, I just increased it to 65536
as I wasn't going to use it.)

It strikes me that these 3Com adapters are abnormal, since the Plan
9 bootstrap also chokes on them.

However, the install kernel for 1.5.2 seems to have a 3Com device
driver that at least identifies the adapter correctly.  Perhaps
the responsible parties can guide me to update the standalone driver
to match.  I would really appreciate that help right now.

Many thanks.  Lucio.