Subject: RE: pci interrupts not delivered
To: 'Jonathan Stone' <jonathan@DSG.Stanford.EDU>
From: Aaditya Rai <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 10/01/2001 12:34:09
Hey Jonathan,
This is Tachyon XL2 (Agilent, vendor id 0x1029, multi-gigabit fc
controller). I think there are some differences between tachlite and this
I'd love to make it a free sftware; unfortunately I guess this is company
property, and I cant quite do that. 
However, I think I now have a fairly decent understanding of the chip and
can do it on "non-company resurces" for that purpose. (The only problem is
that these cards are very expensive and there's little chance of me owning
one :-( By the way, how does the free software thing work; I mean do people
own hardware that they write drivers for ("for the non-company resources"

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Subject: Re: pci interrupts not delivered 

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>Thanks for the reply. I got them working now. I may be doing something
>really stupid, but interrupts dont work when I write to the "pci
>configuration space address of the chip corresponding to the interrupt
>enable register, using pci_conf_write". They worked as soon as I wrote to
>the corresponding memory offset using bus_space_write. (why..? )

hi Aaditya,

What specific board are you writing a driver for (or does it not
matter with the XL2, as much as for the TachLite boards like
the Compaq boards supported on Linux?

Is there any chance your driver  will be made available to the public
or folded back into NetBSD(-current)?

--Jonathan Stone