Subject: Re: POSIX.4 real-time extensions?
To: Alex Barclay <>
From: glen mccready <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 07/06/2001 11:03:06
>60,000 conns * 150KB/conn * (3 min * 60 secs/min) = 50KB/s roughly, right?

wow.  one should not ramble pre-coffee.

60000 conns * 150KB/conn / (3 min * 60 secs/min) = 50MB/s

>that's not exactly a huge workload, and with the socket buffers in there
>acting as a little bit of elastic for you, you're not exactly a hard realtime
>app... you could probably do this with a single kthread doing the work
>and not even worry about a pool in this case.

certainly much different from 50KB/s; you're driving the network pretty
hard there.  my bad.  certainly the socket buffers will help, etc, but
multiple kthreads won't help you until you're SMP.  the trick is that the
IO done by the kthread will have to be non-blocking and it'll have to
walk through the buffers passed in; or the callbacks can hold off queuing
the work onto the kthread until appropriate secondary conditions are met.

sorry about that.