Subject: isa card question
To: None <>
From: None <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 06/26/2001 14:44:09

I have an ISA card I'm struggling to make a driver for.  The card is
fairly simple.  It has a NEC7210 IEEE-488 controller chip that I have a
data sheet for, a ROM, and some RAM plus assorted 74LSxxx line

The manual for the card has a memory map section where it says:

  The interface can be mapped into any segment in the first megabyte of
address space.  Switch S1 determines the interface location.

  The interface must be located where there is no memory.  The NEC7210
version is set to segment C400 when it is thipped.

memory offset			device
0000 - 1FFF			ROM
2000 - 3FFF			cache RAM

my assumption is that during autoconfiguration i will need to look for
some sort of ID string in the ROM since the NEC7210 (which is I/O mapped)
doesn't appear to have any sort of register i could query to detect its

So my first question is, since i can't find it in the documentation i
have, how can i just get a dump of the contents of the ROM so I can take a
look at it and see if there is anything that looks like a nice ID string?

This is on an alpha if it matters.

My other question, is am i on the right track by writing the following
for the 7210 specific stuff and then dev/isa/gp_isa.c which has the ISA
specific stuff and perhaps the stuff which looks in the ROM (which I
believe to be specific to this card, not all cards which use NEC 7210