Subject: Re: Large Drives and old BIOS's
To: <>
From: Mike Pelley <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 06/07/2001 23:42:59
>> A couple of months ago I mentioned that I had a 60 gig maxtor drive
>> and an old BIOS that would not boot with it connected.  The solution
>> was to set the cylinder limitation jumper on the drive, and then
>> have the OS reset the size of the drive once we were past the BIOS.
> sorry but i can't understand. 60 and 75G drives works perfect with
> netbsd, just set NORMAL (not LBA) in BIOS and put boot and kernel on
> partition in first 500M of drive.

The problem is with the BIOS, not NetBSD.  Older Award BIOS's will hang
during the boot process when there is a drive larger than 32 Gig
attached to the IDE controller.  The workaround is to set a jumper to
limit the apparent size of the drive to 32 Gig.

This patch allows NetBSD to see the entire drive with the jumper