Subject: Re: TPE for NetBSD
To: Brett Lymn <>
From: Jason R. Fink <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 06/04/2001 20:48:35
> Cool - I merged my updates into a recent -current source tree on the
> train to work today.  I shall generate a patch file and test that it
> applies cleanly (and builds a working kernel ;-).  Once I am happy I
> shall put the patches+instructions up for ftp.  You will need a i386
> -current box to test them on (most of the stuff is MI, it's just that
> I have only done the config goop and dev stuff for i386)

actually I go on vacation on 0606 til 0610, however, I will update
my -current basher laptop on 0605 and I can snag the patch file in
my spare time from a relatives internet connection.

of course that is if  i can :) otherwise it might be until tuesday
or wednesday of next week until u hear back


Jason R. Fink
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