Subject: Re: encrypted swap?
To: Todd Vierling <>
From: Jason R Thorpe <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 06/04/2001 16:20:42
On Mon, Jun 04, 2001 at 07:12:02PM -0400, Todd Vierling wrote:

 > : Well, for swap, you'd obviously want to use a random key, at very least.
 > Which isn't really relevant to whether the implementation is at the block
 > device level or swap level, of course.  Both could do this.

Well, it depends on how many keys you want to use.  If you want to use
a different random key for every swap-backed object/anon (which could
help defeat cryptanalysis), it would be more difficult to implement this
in a chiper block driver.

        -- Jason R. Thorpe <>