Subject: Re: Patch to add console scrollback support.
To: justin <>
From: None <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 06/01/2001 11:35:12
How hard would it be to not have 1 buffer (which gets destroyed on VT
switch) and instead keep a running buffer per VT?

This allows people to switch at will but scroll back if something was running
they need to look at.


>Sorry John. This is my first attempt at making anything work at the
>The stuff I ported over from OpenBSD was the work of Aaron Campbell.
>Just as in OpenBSD the buffer is destroyed when you switch VTs. It only
>can scroll back 8 pages maximum. There is no way to change that at the moment,
>although there should be. Also, there is no way to disable support for it.
>It operates through vga and pcdisplay. The other work submitted previously,
>that I failed to notice until now, seems much more complete.
>Justin Reigle
>On Fri, Jun 01, 2001 at 12:40:57AM -0400, John Hawkinson wrote
>> I believe that there is other work in this area. See Paolo Losi
>> <>'s mail of Wed, 03 Jan 2001 01:38:35 +0100
>> (<>) to tech-kern, and the ensuing
>> thread.
>> At the very least, your patch omits documentation, as well as credit
>> to the OpenBSD folks who did the original work. Both would need to be
>> rectified.
>> --jhawk