Subject: JDK native threads (was: Re: struct emul modification)
To: Scott Ellis <>
From: Emmanuel Dreyfus <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 05/21/2001 00:21:23
> Native threads don't work on x86 either (at least in JDK 1.3_01 or Blackdown
> 1.3).  Green threads work fine though.

Anyone knows the exact status of native threads on i386? On the PowerPC,
lots of things work with native threads, I can even successfully pass
all the Java testsuite. Tomcat is able to startup (this involve
executing quite a lot of Java code), and it hangs after displaying the
message saying it listens on port 8080. The ktrace says it fails due to
a spurious SIGSEGV. I'm working with Kevin B. Hendricks to find what's
wrong, and that's not easy. Is someone has more information, please let
me know.

While we are there, what is the status of Linux gdb emulation on i386?
Is it able to trace Linux processes? On PowerPC it's not, and I wonder
if this is caused by a bug in PowerPC specific code, or if it is machine
independent. Having a fully functionnal Linux gdb would help debugging
the JDK.

Emmanuel Dreyfus