Subject: Re: struct emul modification
To: None <>
From: Scott Ellis <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 05/19/2001 17:29:06
Native threads don't work on x86 either (at least in JDK 1.3_01 or Blackdown
1.3).  Green threads work fine though.

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Subject: Re: struct emul modification

> > >Well this kind of problem does matters since we already have an example
> > >of a Linux binary (The JDK for LinuxPPC) that broke because NetBSD does
> > >not implement it the same way Linux does.
> >
> > .... how come it only broek on PPC but not on other Linux emulations?
> > Or is the linux jdk on x86 under linux emulation broken, but we
> > haven't noticed?
> I don't know how i386 Linux emulation is able to support the JDK. I've
> already fixed 2 machine independent bugs in Linux emulation to get the
> JDK working on the PowerPC, and it's still not fully functionnal (green
> threads seems okay, native threads have some problems).