Subject: Re: struct emul modification
To: Jarommr Dolecek <>
From: Emmanuel Dreyfus <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 05/19/2001 21:40:50
> In A,C cases, SIGIO is sent to the writer, right? If so, it's definitely
> the right behaviour and not doing so is a bug. Are you sure both
> Linux and SunOS have this bug?
> BTW, does Solaris behave the same way as SunOS ?

Yes, I've checked with Linux-2.2.18 and SunOS-2.4
On SunOS-2.6 (Solaris 6), the  F_ASYNC flag for async I/O has
disapreared, it seems they only provide async I/O through special system
calls (aioread, aiowrite, and so on), but I'm not sure. (I've just read
a few man pages)
> That depends on what we end up wanting to emulate :)

Well this kind of problem does matters since we already have an example
of a Linux binary (The JDK for LinuxPPC) that broke because NetBSD does
not implement it the same way Linux does. 

Emmanuel Dreyfus.
"Le 80x86 n'est pas si complexe - il n'a simplement pas de sens"
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