Subject: New release of uwscons with improved multilingual support
To: None <>
From: Bang Jun-Young <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 03/15/2001 16:42:59
Hi folks,

Celebrating my birthday (today :), I have released a new snapshot of 
`uwscons' at .

What's new in this release:
- Multilanguage/encoding support has been greatly improved; now it 
  can handle text written in ibm (default, ASCII), iso (ISO-8859-1), iso2, 
  iso7 (Greek), isojp (ISO-2022-JP), eucjp, euckr, and utf8. More 
  encodings will be added soon.
- wsfontload(8) can import X11 BDF fonts (Chinese-GB, Japanese-JIS and
  Korean-KS for now). 
- wsconsenc(8) is a new command to set per screen display encoding 
  (stateless). Each virtual screen remembers its own encoding so you can 
  have an ISO-8859-1 console and an UTF-8 console on the same machine and 
  switch between them. Stateful encodings like ISO-2022-JP are switched
  by escape sequences.
  introduced to set and get the current display encoding, respectively.
  (WSDISPLAY_GENCODING not implemented yet)
- Compatibility with existing system has been also improved. With the 
  default encoding (ibm), you wouldn't easily notice what's different 
  from the text mode wscons. :)
- Number of bug fixes, of course.

Standard features:
- Integrated into the latest -current source tree. It was tested with
  current-20010313, -20010310, -20010305 and -20010227.
- Fully compatible with existing programs (at least 'ibm' encoding is)
- Same look and feel as `wscons'
- Small memory footprint
- Seems to be quite stable :)

- Import X11 PCF font. This should be easier than importing BDF and I hope 
  it to be completed by this weekend.
- Add support for encodings such as ISO-2022-KR, Chinese, Russian, and 
  other ISO-8859-X. Especially, I need help on Chinese encodings for now.
- Implement input method.

Any comments are welcome and appreciated. Enjoy!


Bang Jun-Young <>