Subject: Re: NetBSD File Systems
To: None <>
From: Bharani Chadalavada <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 03/05/2001 23:24:07
Was your kernel flash-resident too?
We are also doing somthing to similar to what you described. Do you have a
separate file-system on the flash or just the file-system that is part of the
kernel? If you are updating something in the kernel image itself, I am
interested to find out how you did that. Any links would be helpful.

Thank you,

Bruce Martin wrote:

> Hi Kyle
> We have had some success running diskless arm32 systems on some of our
> products. We based our efforts on /usr/src/distrib/arm32/ramdisk. This
> generates a crunched binary of a ffs filesystem, that is inserted into space
> reserved for it in the kernel (see the "mdsetimage" manpage). At boot time,
> the kernel fetches this filesystem out of itself, and mounts it in RAM. This
> is a read only filesystem, and what we have done is written little utilities
> that read and write different portions of flash to store the files that need
> changing.
> Let me know if this is the kind of thing you are looking for...
> Cheers
>  Bruce